Feliz Navidad Cooking Workshop by Casa Mexicana


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Saturday, December 18th 2021

Put the Feliz back in your Navidad this holiday season with Casa Mexicana

Learn to cook authentic Mexican Christmas dishes like tamales, mucbipollo, and drinks like champurrado and atole for a magical cooking experience. Starting with our special corn flour, which has been nixtamalized and is the base of most Mexican dishes, you will learn how to make fluffy tamal masa every time! We will move on to the tamal fillings, a crash course on Mexican guisados, we will make turkey in mole and for vegetarian options a chili and cheese and sweet corn tamal. With the masa leftovers we will make a ceremonial Yucatec specialty called the Mucbipollo, which we will fill with turkey in achiote and for the vegetarian option rajas in achiote. Of course, you cannot have a complete Mexican Christmas table without drinks, while our tamales are steaming, we will make a Mexican hot chocolate champurrado and a poporn atole cocktail.

Feliz Navidad Menu:

Holiday Tamales!

Corn Tamales & Banana Leaf Tamales
Tamal Fillings: Turkey in Mole, Rajas c/Queso and Tamal dulce de elote


Ceremonial Yucatec Tamal Cake
Fillings: Turkey in achiote and epazote spices and Rajas in achiote and epazote spices


Hot Mexican chocolate champurrado (non-alcoholic) Popcorn Atole cocktail


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