Portuguese traditional recipes cooking classes

Are you looking traditional Portuguese recipes cooking classes or a gastronomic workshop in Lisbon? WEAT and its Chefs organize several Portuguese cooking classes in the first national gastronomic eco-system. We are located in Lisbon and, here, you can learn traditional Portuguese dishes cooking with several virtual restaurants next door and other kitchens where Chefs, bloggers, cooks, food photographers and others are cooking or doing everything related with gastronomy.

It is no longer a secret that, when it comes to food, Portugal is one of the countries with the best reputation in Europe. More than reputation, Portugal offers a huge gastronomic selection, diversified and tasty. WEAT Portuguese cooking classes explore all this wealth of our national cuisine. The Portuguese discovery period 500 years ago brought new ingredients and new ways of cooking like our rice pudding dessert inspired in India. There were also other gastronomic exports to other countries, like tempura in Japan.

In Lisbon, WEAT cooking courses are practical and relaxed, with lots of fun, where you will learn not only basic cooking techniques but also the part of Portuguese culture and some new recipes to cook for your friends and family when you return home.

Ready to roll up your sleeves, put on an apron and hone your cooking skills?

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Meal included

Cooking can be fun, but the best thing about cooking is eating. At the end of each Portuguese cooking class, participants relax and enjoy what they cooked, with selected wines.

Masterchef style kitchen

This Masterchef style kitchen has 5 workstations and was designed for gastronomic activities, making cooking classes more fun with a hands-on cooking experience.

Wine pairing

Portuguese food is great. When you eat it, if you pair it with Portuguese wine you will start to understand the meaning of life. Check with us the wine selection.

Vegan friendly

Although Portuguese traditional recipes aren’t usually vegan friendly we have created new recipes inspired in these traditional dishes. So, if you’re vegan or have a vegan friend, you are going to cook along, just using different ingredients.

Get deep into Portuguese culture

Join us at WEAT Cooking classes for the most authentic hands on cooking classes and lessons in Lisbon. You will have the best gastronomic experience cooking traditional Portuguese food at your workstation.

Doesn’t matter if you’re travelling alone, with your better half, friends or family. At WEAT kitchen everyone will discover the tastiest part of our culture: portuguese traditional dishes.

Cooking class at Lisbon

In this class we will cook all these traditional dishes. We also have a selection of Portuguese wines that pair perfectly with this menu.


  • Starter: Olive oil tasting with Portuguese bread
  • Soup: Caldo verde (vegan)
  • Fish: Bacalhau à brás (vegan option)
  • Dessert: Portuguese crème brulée (vegan option)


Classes @ WEAT

When: Wednesdays – 10AM
Duration: 4:00 hours
Language: English / Italian / Spanish
Wifi is available during the class.

Impress your friends

These recipes are easy enough for you to replicate when you arrive home, but they will also surprise in terms of taste and textures.

Fresh local ingredients

​You will use locally sourced ingredients available. We have selected some of the best and different olive oils for you taste. ​


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